Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Hero ?

Social Hero is an Instagram boost app that runs on your Windows computer.

How does the Social Hero app work ? 

1. Download the Social Hero app onto a windows computer.

2. Select a few instagram influencers your audience is attracted to.

3. The Social Hero app will automatically find the best instagram accounts and create connections with their profiles.

4. Over time user connections will expand your follower base and reach to grow your instagram account.

How long will it take until I see results ?

Most users should start seeing results in about 7-14 days. 

What is a Social Profile ?

A social profile inside the social hero app holds the configurations of which instagram account you are growing along with which influencers you are targeting.

Can my Instagram Account be suspended ?

Instagram has been known to suspend or even block accounts that drive too much activity to their accounts. There is always a risk when using tools that automate your account. Instagram has been known to block accounts even if they are performing this activity manually in the Instagram application directly. By using Social Hero you accept the risk of account suspension and blocking by Instagram. 

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