Alissa Violet

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

"Alissa Violet Butler[1] (born: June 12, 1996 [age 23]) is an American Model/Actress/YouTuber that rose to fame through social media apps such as Vine and Instagram. She gained over 600,000 followers on Vine until the app got shut down."

"Alissa was born and raised in Brunswick, Ohio, but later decided to move to Los Angeles in order to pursue a modeling career. She stated that she had been in love with modeling having seen a Victoria Secret commercial. After being prompted by Jake Paul she bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, where she then met with five modeling agencies (4/5 offered her contracts)."

"In May 2015, she bought a car after being signed with Next Models and moved to Los Angeles. She later joined the social media incubator and management company Team 10. She lived in the so-called Team 10 House with Jake Paul, Neels Visser, and other social media influencers until she got kicked out by Jake on February 2017 because of some issues they had. After that, she lived in an apartment on her own until she moved in the Clout house with her boyfriend Faze Banks, RiceGum and other members of clout gang in September 2017."

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