Easiest way to get Instagram Engagement Rate

In this article we will show you the simplest way to calculate an Instagram user's engagement rate.

Before we get into the math let's define what is a users engagement rate.

An engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of engagement that a users piece of created content receives from an audience. It demonstrates how much people interact with the content. Values that influence engagement include users' comments, shares and likes.

Now that we know

Let's get into the math!

The Instagram Engagement Rate Formulas goes something like this :

Engagement Rate = (( Likes + Comments ) / Followers) x 100

As an example if in the past 7 days your content received 50 Likes, 50 Comments and you have 1000 Followers the calculation would be ((50+50)/1000)*100.

This comes out to an Engagement Rate of 10%.

And thats it, you can now calculate the engagement rate for any account, this formula will hold for most social media platforms as well.

Working Hard to Calculate Engagement Rate!

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