Updated: Jan 21, 2020

"(G)I-dle (Korean: (여자)아이들; RR: Yeoja Aideul), is a South Korean multinational girl group formed by Cube Entertainment in 2018. The group consists of six members: Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua.[3] The group debuted on May 2, 2018, with their first extended play titled I Am."

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"They have been recognized for being a "self-producing" idol girl group and for breaking female idol stereotypes, with the members actively involved in the songwriting, composing, choreographing and other aspects of the group.[4][5] Their stage performances are also highly praised.[6][7]"


Soyeon Facts: – Was a participant on Produce 101. She placed 20th in the last episode. – Joined Unpretty Rapstar 3. She placed 3rd. – Education: Highschool – Her hobby is watching anime (she especially likes “One Piece”). – She likes tangerines and corn and hates vegetables. – Known for her rapping skills. – Also a good singer. She was praised for her singing while recording for a mission in PD101. – Trained for 1 year and 6 months before joining PD101. – Soyeon signed a contract with CUBE around December 2016.

Miyeon Facts: – Miyeon is an only child. – Education: Highschool (Passed Korea’s GED) – Was known to be a YG Trainee (she left YG in mid-2015). – Joined YG the same time as BlackPink’s Jennie. – Supposed to debut with BlackPink. – She supposedly dated former Mix&Match Contestant Jinhyeong.

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Description and Images from https://www.instagram.com/official_g_i_dle/?hl=en and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/(G)I-dle

Cube Entertainment Jeon Soyeon Minnie Miyeon Produce 101 Shuhua soojin Soyeon Yuqi

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