How to Get Real Instagram Followers

Instagram popularity and traffic has grown exponentially over the past few years. If you are marketing in the social media space, growing your real instagram followers is a must. Here are some ways to grow your instagram audience.

Cross promote your dedicated hashtag

Come up with a unique hashtag that defines your brand and place it in your profile and posts.

Promote these posts and create engaging content with them so they are liked and shared.

Be Creative with Hashtags in your posts

Look for interesting hashtags when posting. Try to use funny or ironic hashtags to keep things engaging.

Get involved with trending topics

Seek out trending hashtags and topics. Use both short hashtags like #marketing and longer hashtags like #socialmediastrategist to attract both broad audiences and targeted audiences.

Use secure apps and services that are trustworthy

There are hundreds or thousands of apps and services that promote getting real followers. Make sure to research these apps and services and avoid apps the request you send them your user name and password.

Thats it for now!

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