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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Jordyn Kaylee-Marie Jones[1] is a 19-year old dancer that featured in Season 1 of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. She placed 5th.

Jordyn started dance because of her mother's past experience as a baton twirler. Jordyns favorite style of dance to perform is Hip Hop and her favorite style to watch is Jazz.

If she won the $100,000 then Jordyn would buy a bunny, donate to Alzheimer's/Dementia research and then use the rest for ballet classes. Jordyn would want to be a professional singer if she wasn't a professional dancer.

In Unleash The Monsters, Jordyn won the group challenge which earned her the prize of getting the very first solo of the competition. She was also given the power of giving a second solo to another contestant and she ultimately picked Zack as she didn't want to give another female dancer a chance to outshine her. Despite this, the judges weren't impressed by her solo and she landed a spot in the bottom two.

Jordyn advanced throughout the competition, having her ups and downs. However, in Bend it Like Abby she was put in the bottom two after failing to impress the judges with her Asian inspired solo. Jordyn was then put up against Asia, who was also in the bottom two, in a flexibility test. Jordyn was successful in the test until she pulled a muscle, which lead to her being sent home.

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