Kimberly Loaiza

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

"Kimberly Loaiza is a Mexican vlogger who is notable for the challenges, tags, and tutorials that she posts on her self-titled YouTube channel. With over 14 million followers on her channel, Loaiza is one of the most popular Mexican faces on the platform. She is widely known on Instagram as well, where she is followed by more than 10 million people. Today, she continues to rule over various social media networks with her unique content. Incredibly hot and beautiful, Loaiza is a very bold and straightforward lady in reality. She knows how to capture the interest of people around her. Chic and classy to the core, she is truly a diva and a fashion icon who is idolized by many young women. Numerous YouTubers of Mexican origin look up to her and derive inspiration from her work."

Kimberly Loaiza | Youtube | Instagram | 2019 | Social Influencer

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