What is Social Hero ?

Social Hero is an Instagram growth app.

Why use the Social Hero app ?

By using the app instagram users can expand their reach while growing their social media presence and audience.

Ultimately the Social Hero app helps attract more instagram followers and creates connections to gain more influence, more jobs, paid partnerships, and sales.

How does the Social Hero app work ?

1. Download the Social Hero app onto a windows computer.

2. Select a few instagram influencers your audience is attracted to.

3. The Social Hero app will automatically find the best instagram accounts and create connections with their profiles.

4. Over time user connections will expand your follower base and reach to grow your instagram account.

Why is it better than all those other instagram follower services ?

1. The Social Hero app is installed and runs completely on your own computer, this means you don't have to share your sensitive user and password information with anyone.

Instagram accounts are compromised everyday and Social Hero protects you from this serious problem.

2. Control your growth. The Social Hero app runs when you want it to, many other services do no offer any controls of when the process is running or how to monitor the progress.

With Social Hero you have full control and can monitor progress right in the app.

When can I download Social Hero ?

Social Hero will be available December 2019.

Until then you can share this post or subscribe to our early access list.

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