The unique design styles of Social Media Logos

Facebook Logo

The Facebook logo features a simple and straight forward design, containing a white lowercase font on a simple blue background. The blue and white color scheme was a purposeful choice made by Mark Zuckerberg’s vision. There is also significance to the color scheme of blue and white which have long been used in combination to represent purity and optimism.

The color choice had another interesting story, the color was chosen because of a vision condition that Mark has called deuteranopia which is a form of color blindness. It makes it difficult for people with this condition to tell colors apart from each other. However people with the condition are still able to see the color blue.

Instagram Logo

The first Instagram logo was planned by Kevin Systrom himself, and it was really a just a picture of a camera that was styled after an imitation Polaroid camera. The icon was on a clear white background that made it look like it was floating on your home screen. There was a rainbow stripe running down the front which many people think it represented color filters that the app had.

But the Instagram CEO who originally designed the icon said the logo had to change because the realized the old icon no longer had represented what the app can really do. Today, Instagram flaunts a more extensive usefulness, which has stretched out to Hyperlapses, Boomerangs, and collections. The new logo rendition is a mix of high contrast colors that attract the eye instantly.

Twitter Logo

Twitter had no logo at first, just a typeset version of the name. The company's first cut was a thin little cartoon bird. The bird was then redesigned with a more minimalistic feel. By 2012, Twitter had become commonly known, and it was decided to remove the company name from the logo and make the bird more dynamic and expressive.

Inspired by nature, designers created hundreds of birds of with different sizes and proportions. The final image that made it to the logo consists of 15 circles. Circular shapes add a sense of harmony to and convey the concept of freedom of speech.  All of original features eventually disappeared and instead, a solid blue bird with his wings outstretched became the face of Twitter.

TikTok Logo

The TikTok logo design is just starting to hit the day of light but its designed with night and dark features. It hints at an retro method of 3D images with its shifted blue and red hints along side a musicaly inspired icon. 

The TikTok logo consists of mainly two parts, the note symbol and the wordmark. The two parts can be positioned in several different ways. The wordmark can be placed under the note, and in this example the note will be relatively large.

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WhatsApp Logo

The WhatsApp logo design features design elements that clearly communicate the function of the app within a simplistic design. Two separate elements of the design were used. The first is a simple text bubble. Ever since the early days of instant messaging, the text bubble has been the most common method to symbolize sending or receiving a message.


Even today, almost every text message received is shown in one of these text bubbles. To show the secondary function of the app (voice and video calls), the design team of the WhatsApp logo placed a telephone within the text bubble. An interesting thing to note is that even in a modern time they chose to use an older style landline phone.

whatsapp logo png

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